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Point Source EMBRACE Earmount Microphone EO-8WL-XSH-BL




Point Source


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Deployed for decades in musical theater, “ear rigs” are handcrafted to hide the microphone from the audience—but can take up to 30 minutes to custom build. EMBRACE is a lavalier mic and headset mounted option in one. It completely obliterates the painstaking and unsafe task of using sharp tools to assemble homemade ear rigs.

Now even the talent themselves can self-mic and master the art of customizing and concealing their ear rig microphone in mere seconds. EMBRACE Microphones are available in beige, brown, or black color for easy blending to hair or skin tone.

Transform Your On-Ear Mic to be ‘More Discreet’ or to get ‘More Gain’

EMBRACE lets you bend, shape and trim for a precise custom-fitted ear rig style microphone in seconds. The patented mounting system with its “all-in-one” approach allows you to use it in different configurations: a lapel lavalier, a hairline mic, or an on-ear “ear rig”. EMBRACE Microphones completely obliterate the painstaking and unsafe task of using sharp tools to assemble homemade microphone ear rigs. So now, a quick method of concealing mics is in your reach!

EMBRACE microphones are custom-fit on-ear lavalier mic solutions for TV and film, theatre, corporate and other applications where the microphone is ideally camouflaged, yet still maintain consistent placement from the mouth even with head movement. The EO-8WL (black) has low sensitivity for strong vocals.

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