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Jands S1 Lighting Controller & 8 Universe Dongle






Product details

The Vista S1 is a small and portable control surface that’s ideal if you have to travel a lot to deliver your shows, or if your venue doesn’t need lots of playbacks or has limited space.

Designed to be used with a laptop, the S1 is a powerful and flexible live console that’s compact enough to qualify as carry-on luggage. But don’t be fooled by its size: the S1 gives you five playbacks, including faders and flash buttons, a complete programming section with three encoder wheels, a rotary master fader, two LCD displays and lots more to make controlling your show a breeze.

  • 2 DMX outputs to connect your lights and dimmers.
  • Timecode input so you can sync your show up to other devices.
  • Midi input that accepts Midi Show Control and Midi Timecode.
  • 2 USB connectors for memory sticks and other peripherals.
  • ‘Kensington Lock’ attachment point to keep your console safe in public environments.
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