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DPA Core 4166 Headset Microphone- Beige TAF4




Core 4166


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About DPA Microphones d:fine CORE 4166 – Beige
You can experience superior audio quality with the d:fine CORE 4166 Slim Flex Omnidirectional Earset Microphone. This sleek and stylish microphone combines the renowned sound of the d:fine 4066 Omnidirectional Capsule with a lightweight, flexible earset system, offering a discreet and comfortable audio solution for presenters and vocalists.

This high-quality condenser microphone is not only easy and fast to adjust but also delivers clean, transparent sound quality with ample headroom. The capsule, similar to the d:fine 4066, is attached to an interchangeable boom arm, providing flexibility and adaptability.

The d:fine CORE 4166 Omnidirectional Earset Microphone is known for its accurate, natural voice intelligibility and high SPL capabilities. It allows users to speak and sing into the mic without any hint of distortion, making it an ideal choice for both conference use and active performance situations.

This durable microphone is ergonomically designed to fit any ear size and head shape comfortably. It mounts securely and is hardly visible, ensuring minimal distraction during your performance or presentation. The microphone can be easily used on either the left or right ear by simply rotating the boom and the ear hook.

The MicroDot connector splits the cable from the microphone boom, allowing you to quickly swap broken cables or wireless connectors. The microphone comes with three boom lengths – 40mm (1.6″), 90mm (3.5″), and 110mm (4.3″) – to accommodate different applications and head sizes.

The d:fine CORE 4166 Omnidirectional Earset Microphone is powered by CORE by DPA technology, which minimizes distortion and delivers increased clarity and openness. This microphone is also IP58 certified, ensuring durability through water-repellant nano-coating, hermetic sealing of the sensitive amplifier, and dual gold plating of the diaphragm.

The omnidirectional polar pattern of this microphone picks up sound equally from all directions, providing a natural and realistic sound. Despite the potential for feedback in live situations, the equal frequency response of this microphone when used close to the sound source makes it a versatile addition to your audio toolbox.

The d:fine CORE 4166 Omnidirectional Earset Microphone also features an ingenious adapter system that works with all leading wireless mic solutions, protecting your investment in fantastic sound for years to come. Experience the difference with the d:fine CORE 4166 Slim Flex Omnidirectional Earset Microphone.


Premium omnidirectional earset microphone with CORE by DPA technology for clear, natural sound
Sleek and discreet design with flexible 110mm boom for comfortable, secure fit
High SPL capabilities with no distortion, ideal for both speaking and singing
IP58 certified for durability with water-repellant nano-coating and hermetic amplifier sealing
Compatible with all leading wireless systems through adaptable MicroDot connector
Ergonomically designed for easy adjustment and use on left or right ear

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