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Cobra 2


Product details

A 3-way Mini Line Array that is lightweight, easy to setup, and packs a punch like you would expect from a larger sound system.  This system doesn’t use much power, and is loud enough to serve as a PA system for roughly 5,000 – 10,000 people.  

The COBRA-2 SYSTEM is designed to provide high-quality sound reinforcement for events in small to medium-sized marquees or halls covering distances up to 40 metres and areas in the region of 1,000 square metres. It can produce a maximum SPL of 137 dB L +137 dB R in the medium-and high frequency ranges and up to 141 dB in the bass.

  • Active 3-Way Compact Line Array Far Cabinet
  • 3-Driver HF Slot Waveguide
  • 4-Driver Low-Distortion Mid-Range Line Array
  • Easy Stacking and easy Flying
  • Voice Coil Tracking Protection
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