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Product details

The active 4-way COBRA-4 SYSTEM is designed to project over distances of up to 80 metres in medium-sized marquees, halls and open-air venues and produces SPLs at the FOH position, 30 metres from the stage, of 110 dB in the medium- and high-frequency ranges and up to 120 dB in the bass — the values typically required by a Top Forty band. Through the use of two COBRA-4 TOPs and a COBRA-4 FAR, optimal line-array performance can be achieved without time-consuming tinkering. With the COBRA-4 SYSTEM, in the vicinity of the PA, the vertical coverage angle in the high frequency range is particularly wide, to cover the areas directly in front of the stage.

  • High-Efficiency vented direct radiating Subwoofer
  • 600W EVX 180B Transducer
  • 30Hz — 170Hz (-10dB)
  • Easy Stacking and easy Flying
  • Voice Coil Tracking Protection
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