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Behringer Wing Digital Audio Mixer






Product details

The Behringer WING Digital Mixer is a cutting-edge digital mixer full of flexibility and packed with innovative features. Experience the culmination of 30 years of Behringer’s passion and dedication to all kinds of audio equipment in one large-format desk.

Boasting 48 channels, complete with eight award-winning Midas PRO mic preamps, the WING captures every single detail of your sound with unparalleled accuracy. 24 motorised 100mm faders are spread across three fully-configurable sections, letting you mix with confidence with complete tactile control. And with a unique touch-sensitive channel editing section with 11 rotary controls and a dedicated colour TFT screen, your sound and workflow is entirely in your hands.

When it comes to operation choices, you’ll feel spoilt. A 48×48 USB audio interface lets you record each and every single one of the WING’s channels, whilst DAW remote control capabilities let you seamlessly integrate the WING with your software. Combined with an enormous selection of professional features, the WING is your ticket to the world of next-generation mixing.

  • 48 channels of premium mixing power with 8 award-winning Midas PRO preamps
  • 24 motorised faders across three separate, fully-configurable sections
  • Unique touch-sensitive channel editing section with rotary controls and a TFT screen
  • Dual SD card live recorder with up to 64 tracks and markers for ID-ing positions
  • Multiple FX racks with true-stereo processors and world-class algorithms
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